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Judge Mike Parrott
Judge Mike Parrott is a graduate of Galena Park High School and attended the
University of Houston.  He was Superintendent of Parks for Precinct Two
Commissioner’s Office for 18 years.  Judge Parrott has presided over Justice of the
Peace Precinct 3, Position 1 since January 1993.  Under his guidance the court has
grown from a caseload of 36,000 to 77,000 cases filed per year with revenue
increasing from $1,288,693 to over $3,000,000.

Since taking office Judge Parrott has implemented a Teen Court Program and a
number of other programs in an effort to get children involved in something positive
and on the right track.  The success of Teen Court is proven every time a student
returns to participate.  The ultimate proof of accomplishment comes years later when
past members return as practicing attorneys to volunteer to work with the kids in the
program.  Judge Parrott also holds Saturday dockets so those students do not have
to miss school to appear for court.  Judge Parrott is currently working with area
ministers in an effort to develop educational classes and programs for truant and
class c offenders.  
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